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Editor - in - Chief

Dr. A. Sasi kumar, Chief Editor (Advisory), Department of Information Technology. VISTAS, Pallavaram, Chennai; Email : editor.ijtimes@gmail.com; Profile; Google Scholar


Associate: Editorial Board

Dr. Mohammed Ismail .B, Professor CSE, K L Deemed to be University Green Fields, Vaddeswaram, Guntur; Email: aboutismail@gmail.com; Google Scholar; Research gate

Dr.Rampelli . Uday Kumar,Dept.of Mechanical Engineering Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Hyderabad; Email: udaykumar403@gmail.com; Profile; Publication

Dr. Nirajkumar C. Mehta, Associate Professor, ITM SLS Baroda University Vadodara, Gujarat; Email: nirajmehta3@gmail.com; Google Scholar; Research Gate

Dr. Mir Iqbal Faheem, Vice Principal, Deccan College of Engg & Tech Hyderabad (TS); Email: mir.faheem@rediffmail.com; Profile; Research Gate

Dr. Gujar Anantkumar Jotiram, Dept of Mechanical D Y Patil College of Engg & Tech, Kolhapur; Email: anantgujar@gmail.com; Google Scholar; Research Gate

Dr. Satish Geer, Department of Mechanical Engg, Pragati Engineering College, Surampalem (A.P.); Email: geerisatish@gmail.com; Google Scholar; Research Gate

Reviewer: Editorial Board ...

Dr. P. Narasimha Reddy, Dept of Civil Engineering, National Institute of Technology Srinagar; Email: aryancivil130gmail.com; Google Scholar; Research Gate

Dr. Ashok Kumar, Department of Mechanical Engg, New Horizon College of Engineering Bengaluru; Email: ashoknits@yahoo.com; Google Scholar; Research Gate

Dr Atul Ramdas Kolhe, Department of Civil Engineering, Dr. D.Y Patil Institute of Engineering Akurdi, Pune; Email: atulrkolhe@gmail.com; Google Scholar; Research Gate

Dr J.SRINIVAS, Associate professor & HOD Civil Engineering, Adams Engineering college; Email: civil.adams@gmail.com; Google Scholar; Reseach Gate

Dr Pasal GOPI, Electrical and Electronics, Annamacharya Inst. of Tech. and Science, Kavali; Email: pasala.epe07@gmail.com; Google Scholar; Research Gate

Amanpreet Tangri, Associate professor Civil Engineering, Chandigarh University, Mohali, India; Email: tangri.amanpreet@gmail.com; Google Scholar; Research Gate

Mr Punit R Patel, Assistant Professor, Computer Engineering, Veerayatan Institute of Engineering, Haripar; Email:  patelpunitr@gmail.com; Google Scholar; Research Gate

S.Muqthiar Ali, Electrical and Electronics departments, Annamacharya Inst. of Tech. and Science, Kavali; Email: shaikmuq@gmail.com; Google Scholar; Profile

Mrs.M. Jebakumari, Associate Professor, Department of CSE, Nehru Institute of Technology, Coimbatore; Email:  jebs1967@gmail.com; Google Scholar; Research Gate

Jayaveersinh Kirirtsinh Mahida, SHREE P.M.PATEL INSTITUTE OF, P.G.& RESEARCH IN SCIENCE, AN AND; Email: mahidajayaveersinh1992@gmail.com; Google Scholar; Research Gate

Husain Mehdi, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Meerut Institute of Technology, Meerut; Email: husainmehdi4u@gmail.com; Google Scholar; Research Gate

Dadi Mohsin Jamilahmed, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Parul Institute of Technology Vadodara, Gujarat; Email: dadi.mohsin@gmail.com; Google Scholar; Research Gate

Saurabh Sah, Department of Civil and Environmental Engg, Delhi Technological University; Email: saurabhsah9933@gmail.com; Google Scholar; Research Gate

S.Suresh Kumar, Assistant Professor, Dept of Mechanical, Panimalar Polytechnic College; Email: sandysureesh@gmail.com; Google Scholar; Research Gate

Sarika Chaudhary, Department of Computer Science, Amity University, Haryana; Email: schaudhary@ggn.amity.edu; Google Scholar; Research Gate

Pooja Batra, Department of Computer Science, Amity University, Haryana; Email: poojabatra9@gmail.com; Google Scholar; Research Gate

Ravindra Budania, Assistant Professor,Department of Civil Engineering, Anand International College, Jaipur; Email: budaniaravindra425@gmail.com; Google Scholar; Research Gate

G.Balasubramanian, Assistant Professor, Electrical and Electronics, Arasu Engineering College – Kumbakonam; Email:  bala.coolmce@gmail.com; Google Scholar; Research Gate

Maithili P, Department of Electrical & Electronics, Kumaraguru College of Technology; Email: maithili.p.eee@kct.ac.in; Google Scholar; Research Gate

Mr. Piyush T Patel, Department of Mechanical Engineering, C G Patel Institute of Technology, Bardoli, Gujarat; Email:  piyush21659@gmail.com; Google Scholar; Research Gate

Smit Mahendrabhai Kacha, Civil Faculty of Technology, Marwadi, Education Foundation, Rajkot; Email: smitkacha@gmail.com; Google Scholar; Research Gate

Pavithra. P, Department of Electronics and Comm. Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore; Email: pavithra.p.ece@kct.ac.in; Google Scholar; Research Gate

Simhadri Santosh Kiran, Asst. Professor in ECE Dept Lendi Institute of Engineering & Technology; Email: sskiran88k@gmail.com; Google Scholar; Research Gate

Ashima Narang, Department of Computer Science Amity School of Engineering, Gurgaon; Email: ashimanarang04@gmail.com; Google Scholar; Research Gate