Meticulous Analysis of Three-Phase Active T-Type NPC Inverter


  • Mayank Velani 1Veerayatan Institute of Engineering, Haripar-Mandvi
  • Dr.Rakesh Bhadani Veerayatan Polytechnic, Jakhaniya-Mandvi
  • Vaibhav Chhabhaiya Birla Vishwakarma Mahavidyalaya (BVM), Vidyanagar


T-Type NPC Inverter, PWM, Matlab, T-Type Neutral


In this project paper T-Type Neutral Point Clamped inverter are explained. This project isabout design and implementation of three phase active T-Type NPC inverter. In this project control topology of T-Type NPC inverter using pulse width modulation technique like fixed PWM, space vector PWM and carrier based modulation technique involving sine triangular comparison like Phase disposition PWM, Alternate Phase opposition disposition PWM and Phase opposition disposition PWM are discussed. According to direction of load current at zero potential instant, corresponding switch should be turned on in order to get desired path for flow of current. This topology also describes that voltage stress across the switches reduces in OFF state. Sine PWM method is used in order to reduce the harmonics. In the end a three phase active T-Type NPC inverter is build with the help of MATLAB/Simulink in order to prove the feasibility of control method and feasibility of T-Type topology. From the satisfactory results of simulation hardware of Three Phase Active T-Type NPC inverter is built.




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Mayank Velani, Dr.Rakesh Bhadani, & Vaibhav Chhabhaiya. (2022). Meticulous Analysis of Three-Phase Active T-Type NPC Inverter. International Journal of Technical Innovation in Modern Engineering & Science, 8(10), 1–12. Retrieved from