• Manav Prajapati M. Tech. Student & SNPIT & RC, Umrakh
  • Rushabh Shah Assistant Professor & SNPIT & RC, Umrakh


Green building, stakeholder perception, Green building; Barriers, Construction industry, Sustainable development.


Inventory In construction industries there is a vital role of building sector which contribute the larger amount of co2 (climate change) with its high energy footprint. Green building plays and important role towards the potential of building sector and reducing the greenhouse gases at low cost and gives environmentally friendly or healthy buildings. In addition the green building give the sustainable advantages towards green building or climate changes like reduction in electricity and water consumption, reduction in waste generation , use of green and less energy-thoroughgoing materials in construction and preservation of greenery. Although the economic advantage is also offered by green building. The objective of this paper is to quantitatively identify, rank and prioritize the barriers to the adoption of green building using the RII method . Results from RII method of 70 questionnaire survey responses from GB experts around the Surat city are presented. The study identifies 27 specific barriers which are classified in five categories- (1) Attitude and Market Barriers; (AMB) (2) Financial and Economic Barriers (FEB) (3) Information, knowledge and Education Barriers,(IKEB)(4) Management and government Barriers (MGB) (5) Technology and training.(TTB). Three group of stakeholder were taken part architects, contractor & project engineer took part in the ranking and prioritization of barriers. Calculation of local and global weight reveals that (IKA) barriers are ranked high and MG comes second where FE and TT where get lag much behind with lower global weights among the top 10 specific barrier unfamiliarity with gb technologies, lack of knowledge and awareness of gb technologies and their benefits, limited experience with the use of non traditional procurement methods, lack of reliable gb technologies research and education etc . From the perspective of gb experts, this study contributes to the body of knowledge about GB barriers.




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Prajapati, M. ., & Shah, R. . (2019). ANALYSIS OF GREEN BUILDING TECHNIQUE PERCEPTION AND IDENTIFICATION OF ITS IMPENDIMENTS. International Journal of Technical Innovation in Modern Engineering & Science, 5(4), 35–40. Retrieved from