Implementing Last Planner System for Improving Project Performance


  • Naveed A Hafiz Shirgar M.E. Student & S.N.P.I.T. & R.C., Umrakh
  • Neetu B. Yadav Assistant Professor & S.N.P.I.T. & R.C., Umrakh


Commercial building construction, Last Planner System, Lean Construction, Percent Plan Complete, Weekly Work Plan.


Lean construction is very popular in manufacturing industries to improve productivity and smooth workflow. Implementation of Lean Construction (LC) tool Last Planner System (LPS) attempts to increase productivity at construction site. To achieve research objective a commercial building project site was analyzed implementing Last Planner System (LPS). With an attempt to increase project reliability and performance collected data analyzed using Lookahead plan and Weekly work plan. Identification of reason for variance and improvement in average Percent Plan complete (PPC) reveals that improving planning and well management practices can reduce variance and ensure positive impact on project performance.




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Shirgar, N. A. H. ., & Yadav, N. B. . (2019). Implementing Last Planner System for Improving Project Performance. International Journal of Technical Innovation in Modern Engineering & Science, 5(4), 135–139. Retrieved from