“Parametric Study of Twin Arch Bridge Structure”


  • Laksh B. Chavda PG student, Department of civil engineering, DIET, Rajkot, Gujarat, India
  • Prof. Kaushik C. Koradia Associate Professor, Department of civil engineering, DIET, Rajkot, Gujarat, India


Twin Arch, Steel Bridge, Analysis, SAP-2000, Hollow Section


Arch Bridges in which location of deck with respect to the arch rib are deck type, through type and semithrough type. Through arch bridge in which deck is above the base of an arch structure and top rises above deck. Which comes under the special shape arch bridges. An arch is a compression element. Resolving forces into compressive stresses and, in turn eliminating tensile stresses. The forces of arch will push outward at the base is called thrust. Rise of arch has more important in the support forces. In this study different parameters like Reaction, Bending moment, Axial force, Deflection in twin arch having varying parameter such as arch rise, angle of inclination with vertical etc.




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B. Chavda, L., & C. Koradia, P. K. (2021). “Parametric Study of Twin Arch Bridge Structure”. International Journal of Technical Innovation in Modern Engineering & Science, 5(4), 601–605. Retrieved from https://ijtimes.com/IJTIMES/index.php/ijtimes/article/view/2841