• Pradeep Kumar Parida EC & CUTM, Bhubaneswar campus, Odisha
  • Swarna Prabha Jena ECE & CUTM, Bhubaneswar campus, Odisha
  • Debaraj Rana ECE & CUTM, Bhubaneswar campus, Odisha


Road detection, Region growing, Thresholding, Horizon line estimation, Markov random field


 Roads are important information for city planning, navigation, and disaster management.. Road detection is widely used for driver assistance process and it detect white markings on a road. Image considered road detection is a vital and challenging job in several actual world applications like autonomous driving, road departure warning. LD is an important factor in many intelligent transport systems. Road color and text, signs of roads and lanes are the main symptoms of human driving. This criterion leads to expanding the research is being committed and focused on efficient techniques for extracting the useful features i.e. roads from the input images. This paper is mainly focused on the earlier works in this field such as numerous segmentation methods. The road area prediction provides good road representations. That is why this problem is still open and needs to be solved. In our propose work, we have used
different dataset and estimated it. Here we apply our technique in the images for road detection. Then region growing is effective to detect the road region utilizing the feature extracted from the road area. In this, we have used Markov Random Field for color segmentation in region growing of road detection and through this, we calculate time parameter




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Parida, P. K. ., Jena, S. P., & Rana, D. . (2019). ROAD DETECTION REGION GROWING BY MARKOV RANDOM FIELD. International Journal of Technical Innovation in Modern Engineering & Science, 5(4), 777–786. Retrieved from