Sustainable Utilization of Plastic Waste - An Overview


  • Dharmendra K.Gandhi Department of Civil Engineering, DMIETR., Wardha RTMNU, Nagpur
  • Saurabh V. Pande Department of Electrical Engineering, DMIETR., Wardha RTMNU, Nagpur
  • Atul M. Raghatate Department of Civil Engineering, ASTS , PIpri Wardha MSBTE


Plastic waste , Solid waste management, Pyrolysis, Energy source, Sustainable development.


Global industrialization leads to generation of solid waste and scarcity of fuel due to consumption of natural resources. Solid waste management is one of the most challenging issue causing health and environmental threats globally. Tones of Plastic waste are predominant non biodegradable content of solid waste. Disposal of solid waste by conventional techniques such as sanitary land filling leads to drastic environmental degradation. Recycling of plastic waste is one of the sustainable solutions. The present paper is an effort to reflect plastic waste disposal by pyrolysis. Pyrolitic decomposition of plastic waste may lead to production of by-products such as crude oil and gas which can be utilized as an alternative source of energy resolving residential and industrial fuel shortage, minimization of environmental and health issues.




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