Development of Smart Health Monitoring System for patient using IoT Network


  • CH Lakshmi Narayana Pragati Engineering college,
  • K Pasipalan Rao Pragati Engineering college,
  • UBA Sandhya Alekhya Pragati Engineering college
  • K Chaitanyasri Pragati Engineering college
  • K Satya Devi Pragati Engineering college,


IOT, Biomedical, Sensors, LCD, Microcontroller


This paper includes the branch of Biomedical Engineering. The proposed system is designed to enhance speedy communication between the patients and doctor using an Internet of things (IOT). The most of human beings are losing their lives for not getting proper treatment in the right situations. Statistics reveal that in India for every minute four people are losing his/her life due heart attacks mainly. In view this, we described a real time patient monitoring system using IOT for expanding the health monitoring over wide areas such as town, villages and hilly terrains. During the travelling period patient’s health can become worse or loss of life can occur. This paper aims at monitoring the patient’s health conditions continuously using IOT. The parameters like the body temperature, heart beat in the body are to be monitored continuously using sensors. The microcontroller performs the predefined task of displaying the corresponding data on the LCD. By monitoring the LCD and the doctor can take the immediate action if necessary. Using this technology doctor can monitor and give suggestions for more number of people without physical presence. The projected technique was mainly designed for rural areas where the infrastructure services such as medical equipment, transportation are available.




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Narayana, C. L. ., Rao, K. P. ., Alekhya, U. S. ., K Chaitanyasri, & Devi, K. S. . (2019). Development of Smart Health Monitoring System for patient using IoT Network. International Journal of Technical Innovation in Modern Engineering & Science, 5(4), 244–247. Retrieved from