• Pawan Patidar M.E. Student JIT Borawan Khargone (M.P.) INDIA
  • Dr. Sunil Sugandhi Dean JIT Borawan Khargone (M.P.) INDIA
  • Prof. Vinay Deulkar Asst. Professor JIT Borawan Khargone (M.P.)INDIA


Pervious concrete, Compressive strength, Permeability, Split tensile strength.


Pervious concrete is a different type of concrete with highly porous structure used for concrete flatwork applications that allow water from precipitation and other sources to pass directly through , this reducing the runoff from a site and allowing to recharge ground water . This porosity is attained by a highly interconnected void content. In pervious concrete, the amount of fine aggregate is little or no fine aggregate such as sand, because of that it is referred as “No fine or less fine concrete”. The use of pervious concrete is significantly increasing due to reduction of road runoff and absorption of noise. This concrete is being used as paving material in the United States for the construction of parking lots, sidewalks and secondary roads. The production of better quality pervious concrete is necessary to meet specification requirements for the construction of durable pervious concrete pavements. Till now many researchers have used different materials in the pervious concrete like flyash, rice husk, geogrids etc. Fibers can also be used to strengthen the pervious concrete, so it can easily be used for higher loads.




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Patidar, P. ., Sugandhi, D. S. ., & Deulkar, P. V. . (2019). IMPROVEMENT OF POROUS CONCRETE USING FIBERS. International Journal of Technical Innovation in Modern Engineering & Science, 5(4), 1194–1197. Retrieved from