Design and CFD Analysis of Globe Valve


  • Krunal B. Patel Master of Engineering, IIET Dharmaj, Gujarat technological university
  • Prof. Bhavin A. Gajjar Asst. professor & Head of Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, IIET Dharmaj


Globe valve, valve coefficient, CFD, Control valve, flow characteristics


Stop valves are commonly used as fluid flow equipment in many of the engineering applications and Globe Valve Are Used as Regulating or Isolation Equipment in many pipe lines thus it is more important to know the flow characteristics of the valve. With the help of flow simulation and numeric technique, it becomes possible to observe the flows of valves, here we developed a method to obtain the plug design profile required to have desired flow. In this study CFD simulations will conducted to observe the flow patterns and to measure valve flow co-efficient when globe valve with different flow rate and constant pressure drop across the valve were used in a system. In industries it is essential to have accurate and perfect control on the flow of medium at various operations as per requirement for efficient output. This can be achieved by the accurate valve sizing and accurate plug design as per required flow characteristics.




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